About Us

The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust was formed in 2001. It is a non-profit organisation that works with landowners, agencies, sponsors, and the wider community to promote the conservation and enhancement of indigenous biodiversity and sustainable land management on Banks Peninsula.

The Trust was formed as a community-driven organisation to faciliate the protection of biodiversity on private land using voluntary methods. This was following a mediated settlement of land-owner appeals to the Environment Court regarding the then Banks Peninsula District Council's decisions to impose rules about biodiversity on private land.

The Trust was granted covenanting authority status under Section 77(1) of the Reserves Act 1997 by the Minister of Conservation in May 2003. This makes BPCT the first non-government organisation to place covenants on to land titles since the QEII Trust began over 30 years ago.

The Trust has grown steadily and now employs four staff who work with our many volunteers to achieve conservation success across a range of biodiversity and community engagement projects. 

The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust is an organisation that has a vision for the future, and a strong commitment to protect indigenous biodiversity and encourage sustainable land management on Banks Peninsula. We welcome any interest and support for our activities.


Photo by Jon Sullivan


Jewelled Jecko, photo by Rob Morris

Photo by Shireen Helps