Wildside Project - South Eastern Bays

The Wildside Project is a large scale collaboration of landowners, Christchurch City Council, Department of Conservation, Environment Canterbury, and BPCT for the protection of a variety of endemic, threatened, and iconic species.

The project began for the protection of breeding sites of pelagic bird species such as the endemic white-flippered little blue penguin, the only titi (sooty shearwater) colony in Canterbury, and yellow-eyed penguin at their northern breeding range. The Wildside has also been recognised internationally in the IUCN Invertebrate Red Data Book (1983) for a place of high invertebrate endemism. Other iconic and threatened species outcomes include the protection of jewelled gecko, spotted skink, the Banks Peninsula tree weta and Akaroa daisy (both found only on the Wildside).

The Wildside is a nationally significant area for the protection of sea bird breeding sites as it bounds the only two marine reserves on the east coast of the South Island, Pohatu and the Akaroa Marine Reserves. With the largest penguin colony on mainland New Zealand at Flea Bay.

The Wildside covers 13,500ha and focuses on habitat protection, with 25% of the Wildside held in private or public reserve, and predator control, with over 700 predator traps controlling feral cats, ferrets, stoats, weasels, and possums used in this extensive trapping programme.

For more information check out the following documents: 

Wildside Report 2010 - 2015 

Protected lands and predator traps on Banks Peninsula

Wildside Introduction

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Blacks Fasteners New Wildside Sponsors 

Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust are pleased to announce a new funding partnership with Blacks Fasteners.

The Wildside Project is a large scale project managed by the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust (BPCT) to assist and encourage landowners to protect highly valued endemic, threatened and iconic species, within a working rural landscape. The project is a collaboration between BPCT, Christchurch City Council, Department of Conservation, and Environment Canterbury. Blacks are a key funding partner supporting the community in predator control efforts to protect species such yellow-eyed penguin, white flippered little blue penguins and titi.

Blacks Fasteners are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and are based in Christchurch, they have provided high quality products and services to customers throughout New Zealand and beyond. Blacks Fasteners are well recognised and respected across Banks Peninsula's rural community and have an impressive record of supporting their local communities in conservation, sport and culture. Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust are proud to be working with Blacks Fasteners in the protection of special species on Banks Peninsula's Wildside.

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 The Wildside map shows covenants, reserves, and predator control operations on the Wildside and inner harbour. Note the extension of Nikau Palm Gully DOC reserve, the extension of Panama Rock reserve, and the Akaroa marine reserve. 25% of the Wildside is now held in reserve protecting biodiversity.

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